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File2011_DEMOCRITUS-Symposium_Aegean Sword at Hattušas, Silver and Sources, Con...2020-12-22 15:19 862k
File2012-BOOK: Aegean Type Sword and Finds at Hattusa - Technology, Sources and D...2015-12-10 22:25 628k
File2013-16thSOMA-Aegean Type Swords and Finds in Anatolia, Technology of Metals ...2015-12-08 21:06 1610k
File2013-16thSOMA-in-GREEK-Aegean Type Swords and Finds in Anatolia, Technology o...2019-02-24 15:02 1284k
File2015-In-GREEK: Link of Bodosakis Institution for the Presentation of 9th Nove...2015-12-12 11:38 70k
File2015-nostoi-GREEK TRANSLATION.pdf2017-03-11 11:53 649k
File2015-nostoi-The Aegean–Type Sword Found at Hattuša and the Written Sources...2015-12-08 21:04 292k
File2015-The Technology of Land Reclamation, Drainage and IrrigationProjects in M...2015-12-08 21:10 750k
File2016-BOOK-in-Greek-Technology, Sources and the Dating of Trojan War.pdf2016-03-31 12:34 9536k
File2016-TALANTA-Cutting-edge Technology and Know-how of Minoans-Mycenaeans durin...2016-08-05 18:12 794k
File2016-TALANTA-GREEK TRANSLATION-Cutting-edge Technology and Know-how of Minoan...2016-08-05 18:17 451k
File2017_Apr_25_GREEK_prosklisi_akirothike_Parousiasi_Bibliou_IANOS.pdf2017-04-10 16:05 966k
File2017_Nov_28_GREEK_Parousiasi_Bibliou_Syllogos_Athinaion.pdf2018-06-21 11:59 2036k
[IMG]2018 EDABYT_NEW_LOGO_2018.jpg2018-11-13 14:46 77k
File2019_1_GREEK_Translation_of_TALANTA_LI.pdf2020-01-20 10:53 5452k
File2019_1_TAΛANTA_LI_Evidence_from_the_Aegean_Cyprus_Egypt_Levant_Asia_Minor_an...2020-01-20 10:48 4238k
File2019_2_GREEK_Homeric_Achilles_and_Telephus, Hittite_King_Telebenu, qe-re-qo-t...2019-11-02 09:33 3935k
File2020 JUN in GREEK Online PRESENTATION The Trojan War based on Archaeological ...2020-12-01 14:57 160k
File2020 NOV ONLINE PRESENTATION The Trojan War based on Archaeological Findings.pdf2020-12-01 14:57 168k
File2023_APR LINK of the Video (in Greek) Opinions on the existence of elements o...2023-05-10 21:40 36k
File2023_SEP_06 in GREEK The Ionian Philosophers and Technology.pdf2023-09-07 07:21 436k
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